Our professionals provide the following services with our eagerness:

Company Formation and Secretary

Our team is able to assist both our local and overseas clients to incorporate new companies in Hong Kong or in any one of the offshore financial centers (e.g. BVI and the Cayman Islands). Once established, we shall assist to place the company in a position to commence business, and offer on-going support to ensure that the compliance with regulations of the place of incorporation. We also offer advisory services on company restructuring and liquidation.

  • Incorporation of local and offshore companies
  • Statutory compliance services
  • Provision of registered office or mailing address
  • Provision of nominee directors and shareholders
  • Provision of wide range of various searches (e.g. company, name, land, business registration)
  • Company restructuring advisory services, liquidation consulting and support
Corporate Recovery

We manage all types of formal insolvency administrations by recognising the stakeholders' needs and concernand. We also offer solutions and advices to the insolvent entity to aim to achieve the best result through our extension experiences in this industry. Our services inculde, voluntary winding up, compulsory winding up by court, schemes of arrangement and special accountants' assignments, etc.

We will develop accounting policies and procedures to streamline our client's accounting function and this will increase the overall efficiency of our client's business. We will then become our clients' virtual accounting department and they could concentrate on their own bsuiness and operation.
Acquisitions & Mergers

We understand that a professional Merger and acquisition (M&A) process is complex. It is very time consuming and it is not easy. Business owners, although expert at operating their companies, find that they lack of the skills to avoid costly mistakes and navigate the process to their advantage. Therefore, we aim to provide wide range of merger and acquisition advisory services to accommodate the different needs of our valued clients. In addition, we have developed superior reputation through assisting corporations and entrepreneurs in evaluating strategic business developments, identifying potential opportunities, re-engineering organizational structure.

what can we help?

  • Iidentify the objectives of clients – both personal and financial;
  • Evaluate business current fair market;
  • Develop business strategy to accomplish the client’s identified need and improve business performance and profitability;
  • Enhance corporate growth to increase value by merging, acquisition, and joint ventures;
  • Financing including debt, equity, and re-capitalization.
Business Consultancy

what can we help?

  • Conduct business system analysis and review with key management to identify the necessary policies and procedures
  • Design and develop policies and procedural manuals to improve your business system and internal control system
  • Review key business areas such as General Management Control; Billings and Receivables; Procurement and Payment; Expenditure and Expenses; Inventory Management
  • Cash Management; Human Resources; Financial Accounting and Management Reporting; and Information Technology
  • Prepare a list of alternatives for cost reduction or efficiency improvement
  • Estimate potential cost savings for implementing our alternatives/suggestions


  • Better corporate governance and awareness of risk management
  • Reducing likelihood of fraud
  • Improving work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing costs saving by effective internal control system
  • Safeguarding of assets

We gain a thorough understanding of your business to focus audit procedures where risk is the greatest. As no clients are excluded from this process and all our auditors use the same audit approach, we are able to deliver a highly effective audit efficiently. For statutory audits of financial statements, we provide advice throughout the engagement that will assist management to comply with all the relevant regulatory requirements and accounting standards that impact the financial statements. For the non-statutory audits, our aim is to provide constructive advice and practical assistance to management; thus, the scope of a non-statutory audit is tailored to specific needs.

what can we help?

  • Statutory audit
  • Voluntary limited scope and full scope audits
  • Insurance compliance and regulatory
  • Provident fund audit
  • Audits for solicitors
  • Audits for schools and nurseries
  • Audits of charities, owners’ associations and other unincorporated bodies
  • Internal audit assistance and outsourcing
  • Independent comfort letters
  • Interim reports
  • Branch clearance reports
  • Information risk management
  • Corporate governance advice
  • Management Assurance Services (encompassing internal audit)

With growing competition and increasing economic sophistication, mergers, acquisitions, diversities, and restructuring are the required strategies for business development. Enterprise may need to raise capitals for further development, and/or restructuring.

what we can help?

We fulfill the increasing needs of companies seeking investment capital, while also providing the expertise required by companies searching for quality investment opportunities. In order to assist you raising capital, our professionals are ready to serve you with our vast experience and business connections in a wide range of corporate finance activities, which include but not limited to the followings:

  • Business valuation
  • Analyzing accounting, current and future taxation implications for proposed transactions;
  • Financial investigation and due diligence reporting
  • Valuing targeted transactions;
  • Advising and assist in preparation of business plans;
  • Developing appropriate negotiating strategies, establishing appropriate prices, and assisting in closing deals; and
  • Assisting with financing from commercial banks, institutional investors, venture funds, private placement of debt and equity, and other capital sources.
Tax planning

We provide a comprehensive range of tax advisory and compliance services to both multinational and local companies. Our in-depth experience and expertise of the taxation regimes in Hong Kong and Mainland China helps identify issues that are relevant to your business operations, so that tax concessions and incentives can be better utilised to effectively reduce tax liabilities and enhance your business profitability.

Services include:

Hong Kong Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Advising on tax efficient holding and operating structures for business operations
  • Personal income tax advisory and structuring tax efficient packages
  • Lodgment of tax exemption claims and settlement of disputes with the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”)
  • Negotiating with the IRD for tax investigation and tax field audit cases
  • Formulating tax strategies on investment planning, group restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax due diligence on merger and acquisition transactions
  • Pre-Initial Public Offering tax provision reviews and planning

PRC Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Advising on PRC regulatory, accounting, tax and business issues in respect of foreign investment into PRC
  • Assisting clients in setting up Representative Offices, Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises, Joint Ventures, etc. in PRC
  • Planning and implementation of the optimal PRC holding and operating structure to enhance business growth and operation risks
  • Health check on existing operations from PRC tax and regulatory compliance perspective
  • Tax return filing services for PRC Corporate Income Tax, Turnover Tax and other PRC business related formalities
  • Personal Income Tax advisory and filing services
  • Structuring tax efficient remuneration packages for expatriate employees working in PRC

US Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Advising on U.S. regulatory, accounting, tax and business issues in respect of foreign investment into the U.S.
  • U.S. Corporate Income Tax advisory and filing services
  • U.S. Individual Income Tax advisory and filing services
  • Planning and implementation of Tax Equalisation Scheme for U.S. expatriates working overseas

International Tax Advisory and Planning

  • Advising on tax efficient corporate holding and operating structures, including human resource arrangement
  • Transfer pricing reviews and advice
  • Advising on tax efficient ways for profit/fund repatriation
  • Tax due diligence and advice on merger and acquisition transactions

The stock market is the place where the true capitalist operates. They make money by RAISING CAPITAL; they are using other people’s money to build up paper assets, essentially listed shares and other derivatives. Smart business owners build businesses they can take public. At the listing stage, they are not just selling their products or services. They are issuing and selling shares in that company.

What can we help?

We provide professional experiences in advising and assisting clients in the planning and preparation of Initial Public Offering (IPO) of their shares in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Our services include:

  • Advise and consult with clients considering stock exchange listing for their business concerns;
  • Advise and assist clients in preparing for the listing;
  • Offer professional services required for due diligence and compliance in order to seek public listing;
  • Advise on the restructuring of clients' businesses as part of the listing process;
  • Coordinate and introduce other professionals required for listing, e.g. sponsors, underwriters, and lawyers etc.;
  • Assist and advise clients on various post-listing compliance requirements; and
  • Explore the possibility of public listing in other stock markets outside Hong Kong.
Corporate Restructuring
Businesses sometimes fail to perform to expectations, resulting in declining profitability and restricted cash flow. We offers companies facing financial underperformance or crisis, or lenders and other stakeholders involved with them, innovative and achievable restructuring solutions.
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